Posted by: preservenile | January 22, 2012

Welcome to the Internet Space for the Preservation of the Middle Nile Valley

“Preserve the Middle Nile” is concerned with the future of the the stretch of the longest river in the world in its course from the confluence of the White and Blue Niles at Khartoum in Sudan to Aswan in Egypt.

The northernmost section of this stretch is already under the waters of the artificial lake formed by the Aswan High Dam, while the same fate fell upon the region upstream from the Fourth Cataract after the construction of the Merowe Dam.

The threat for new dam buildings on the Middle Nile is what will feed the contents of this Internet space.

Archaeologists are among the few people who visit these lands, and therefore a perspective from the experiences gathered during fieldwork in the Middle Nile, as well as from the future of archaeology in Nubia and Sudan, will be pivotal in the discussions.

The opinion prevalent in this Internet space is against the dams and in support of the preservation of the natural and cultural landscape of the Middle Nile Valley, as well as in favor of alternative means (than hydropower) for producing energy and advancing development.

However, we would welcome different opinions for the sake of free expression and fruitful debates.

See you around!



  1. Thank you for the invitation but the essential is to win no matter from wherever you act…….

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