Posted by: preservenile | February 22, 2012

Some news from Sudan

The last two weeks saw a couple of new situations in the burning topic of dams in Sudan:

1. President Al-Bashir hailed the youths of Sudan who are working at the major projects such as the dams, addressing the employees working in the establishment of Upper Atbara and Setet Dams on Sunday 12th of February. The building of new dams and the hunt for gold appear as the President’s of Sudan alternatives to the oil crisis due to the splitting of the country last year.

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2. However, it is only gold that appears in a press release from a couple of days ago by the Finance Minister of Sudan, Ali Mahmoud, as the only certain revenue that could cover the huge deficit and debt of the Sudanese economy, part of which is due to the constructions of the Merowe Dam, as well as the dams of the Upper River Nile and Siteet dams!

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3. Moreover, Sudan decides to import electricity from Ethiopia, and in fact this electricity is produced by hydroelectric projects in the country that threatens most the status quo in the sharing of the waters of the Nile. Perhaps this is a sign that the Nile Basin Initiative has managed to help the cooperation between the different riparian nations. And along with the fact that this is a period of financial crisis for the entire world, we should perhaps hope that in the end the government of Sudan will not (be able to) proceed to the further dam buildings planned.

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4. Nonetheless, in order to achieve that, international pressure should be placed upon the Sudanese government. The fact that the army and police forces have severely punished the insurrection of the Manasir and of the students supporting the Manasir’s cause at the University of Khartoum should give a further reason to express a peaceful but determined support to the Sudanese people who stand up against injustice.

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And here:

Perhaps in the next entry we present these organizations that should be involved and raise their voice against the new dams planned in Sudan.


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