Posted by: preservenile | March 18, 2012

More funding for the Upper Atbara Dam Complex and some ideas for alternatives

When the Sudan Dam Crisis started, there was a hope among those worried for the future of the Nile and Atbara in Sudan that the financial crisis in the world in general and in Sudan in particular would prevent the government from implementing these harmful projects.

However, after OPEC Fund for Internation Development signed a US$ 30 million agreement with Sudan earlier this year in order to co-finance the Upper Atbara Dam complex (see previous entry), Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development has now signed its second loan agreement with Sudan of US$ 85 million for the same project (the first loan, also of US$ 85, was signed in December 2010) . The total external funding of the dams amounts to US$ 200, but the contract awarded to Chinese companies for the construction is US$ 838! Unless further funding is provided, then the Sudanese goverment is the largest funder of the dam complex, while the country is in deep economic crisis. Furthermore, earlier this month, a donor meeting for Sudan was cancelled or postponed in order to press the Sudanese government from undertaking further atrocities in the states of the South Kordofan and the Blue Nile on the border with South Sudan.

We wonder whether it is possible to consider channeling these huge amounts of money to alternative means of producing energy and rethinking the technology for both producing energy and storing water in the Nile Basin!?!

We are therefore very interested in:



  1. Our comment on these news came a day before the announcement in Sudan Vision Daily (!):

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