Posted by: preservenile | March 20, 2012

A day with many news…

As days go by, it seems that the news concerning dams on the Nile are increasing. Three pairs of such news will be presented today.

1. a. “The University of Khartoum re-opened its doors on Sunday after being closed for two months following clashes between police and students” who held demonstrations in solidarity to the Manasir, is reported in today’s online version of Sudan Tribune:,41958

1. b. While Sudan Vision Daily informed its readers that, “Sudan ministers of electricity and dams, agricultural, animal resources and industry have predicted a giant leap in the field of agricultural, animal and industrial production in Dams Implementation Unit in Northern State to enable the region to export its products to Saudi Arabia and Egypt” (our highlighting):

2. a. At the same time, the world’s largest market research resource viewed that “Sudan’s power sector is benefiting from large-scale investment in new infrastructure. China has emerged as one of the biggest players in the sector, having already played a major role in developing Sudan’s hydroelectric power facilities. Hydropower currently accounts for almost 60% of Sudan’s total power generation output, with the remaining output largely comprising oil-fired facilities. Meanwhile, there is growing interest from foreign investors in the potential to develop thermal and solar power sources in Sudan. A diversified approach to power infrastructure development could help Sudan extend the availability of energy to rural and peripheral regions.” Therefore, there is the speculation that “Sudan is becoming a place of considerable interest for companies looking to invest in underdeveloped infrastructure markets where there is much scope for growth.” However, the claim that “there is potential for Sudan to engage in cooperative electricity transmission projects with neighbours such as Ethiopia” should be taken in consideration with caution.

2. b. The reason is that the humanitarian and ecological crises linked with hydropower project in Sudan are also affecting Ethiopia, as is shown eloquently for the case of the Gibe III dam:

The cooperation between the two lands – and Egypt – should be made under the auspices and principles of international organizations and fora like the Nile Basin Initiative.

3. a. International investment is coming to Sudan from various sources, one of which is Qatar that is going to support – among other things – archaeological works in the country. The projects, though, that will be supported were submitted two years before the Sudan Dams Appeal was launched by the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums…

3. b. Finally, N.C.A.M. and I.S.N.S. circulated today the program for the Meeting where this Appeal will be discussed and urged the interested participants to submit applications for participation as early as possible because … there is not enough space for all potential attenders in … the British Museum!!! We hereby reproduce the program:


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