Posted by: preservenile | June 2, 2012

Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam on CNN

CNN has made an article and video about the Grand Renaissance Dam currently under construction in Ethiopia. International Rivers is critical to the project, which they deem is too expensive for such a poor country as Ethiopia and they fear that the project may instigate a water war in the region. A different opinion has been expressed in a paper by Harry Verhoeven, who suggests that Sudan, Ethiopia, and South Sudan have to cooperate since they face similar challenges in poverty reduction, climate change, population growth, and food security. He envisions that Ethiopia can produce electricity through hydropower, Sudan can grow food, and South Sudan can produce oil. These vital resources could then be exchanged. We agree that a regional approach to the water and other resources in the region is essential. The gorge of the Blue Nile is certainly a better location for dam building than the Middle Nile Valley. But the three countries in question seem very far from entering a cooperation…



  1. Great! we will do it!!

    • Good luck!
      Try to be in good cooperation with the rest of the riparian countries…

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