Posted by: preservenile | July 23, 2012

News from Society of Africanist Archaeologists

The 21st Bienniel of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists (SAfA) was recently held in Toronto.

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Elena A.A. Garcea, prominent research into the prehistory of Sudan and northern Africa and co-chair of the European Committee for Preserving the Middle Nile, was elected as  the new president of SAfA.

And in an even more direct relation to the dams’ crisis in Sudan, it is of crucial value that on June 23 2012 the board of SAfA adopted the following


Reaffirming its commitment to an African archaeology that is both socially
engaged and socially responsible, and mindful of its own code of ethics, SAfA
calls on its members to refrain from participating in fieldwork in areas to be
affected by the proposed dams on the Middle Nile (Sudan) until and unless
those projects enjoy the support of the resident local population and have been
the subject of independently conducted publically available Environmental
Impact Assessments. It further asks the incoming SAfA executive to
communicate this resolution to the Pan African Archaeological Association and
the Presidents of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society and the
International Society for Nubian Studies.

The resolution has been sent to the presidents of Sudan Archaeological Research Society and International Society for Nubian Studies, and we hope that these organizations will respect and endorse this motion in the immediate future.



  1. It would be good if all archaeologists and organizations agree upon this step to refrain from participating in fieldwork in these areas. unfortunately, you are dealing with gangs in Sudan, not a government.

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