Posted by: preservenile | September 10, 2012

The Dams of the Nile in September 2012

It was inevitable that the death of Meles Zanawi in combination with the new political situation in Egypt would not leave unaffected the crucial issue of the sharing of the waters of the Nile. For a recent commentary see HERE.

Things seemed to get out of control last week when various media referred to the wikileak breaking of the news that Egypt was planning a military attack against the Ethiopian damming facilities and that Sudan would provide for an airbase closer to the Ethiopian territory!

Interestingly enough, it has also been announced that the long-awaited-to-open road connecting Egypt and Sudan will be officially given to public use on the 20th of September. Hoping that the two things are not connected, it is of praise that Egypt and Sudan manage to start using their shared territory of Nubia – and perhaps they will also find solutions for Hala’ib triangle too.

In the meantime, Nubia remains under threat by the plans for the new dams and the Nubians seem to be taking the front in the struggle against them, also in the media, hoping for sure that the international attention will not remain with its back turned to a problem that can easily develop into a major crisis…


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