Posted by: preservenile | November 19, 2012

Archaeology, Dams, and Politics. Again…

Two weeks ago the Sudan Dams’ Crisis was presented and discussed in the 9th African Archaeological Research Days that took place in Southampton. See HERE for a review from a Nubiological perspective.

The interest was high, although in the last days the various google alerts on the Sudan Dams’ topic mainly concentrate on what is happening with (or mostly against…) the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile:

Sometimes also the news consist in praises of the achievements of the Sudanese government  – lastly the completion of the heightening of the Roseires Dam, alleged to be the longest dam in the world with a length of 25 kilometres!

While occasionally news from the victory of some local people against plans of dams that are destructive for their natural and cultural landscape remind us of the hope that should never die that the Nubians too will win their struggle for survival…

Among the various news that appeared in the world wide web in the last days regarding the issue of dams, one particularly attracted our attention:

Hittites ahead of their time with dam building

Leaving aside the extent to whether the structure indeed is a dam, it is alarming to see such crude generalizations being expressed by a university professor in order to excuse on the basis of their archaeological interpretations crucial issues of controversial development plans, like the dams in Turkey – or in Sudan or in Ethiopia or in Uganda or in Malaysia or elsewhere…



  1. Ethiopians has been poor and suffering from food shortage for years and years, while others enjoying making profit out of it from variate fruit farm exporting fresh and processed or packed to rich country; on other hand Ethiopians are struggling to survive to feed the poor people by use the resource have gift from God. Egyptian leader Mubarak redistrict Nile river through peace tunnel to Sinai desert all the way up to Israel border for irrigation no one say a word why? you all know why? Please in name x and x don’t crucify millions of people, God gift resource well be more than enough to every one. For sack of God please let us be fare to all, balanced and justification . May God bring peace and justification to whole global human kind, that should be our day to day prayer.
    Thank you,

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